In today’s fast-growing digital economy, your website may be the most powerful tool your business has. Now, more than ever it is the key source to elevate your visibility, generate more business, acquire new customers, expand your digital footprint, tap into new, expanded geographies and promote your brand. Your website has immense potential to take your business to the next level.

Among all the factors that affect the performance of the website, all too often we don’t place enough emphasis on website user experience or UX? …and it may come a surprise to you that UX is one factor that Google looks at very closely. So you it is becoming increasingly important to keep the website User Experience a primary consideration as your website evolves and changes.
Now, let’s find the answer to questions like:

1. How do we improve our website user experience?
2. What are the points where you need to improve?
3. What would be our tips for improving the user experience?

Here are some of the most important points to improve the overall website user experience.

• Customer Friendly User Interface
• Intuitive Flow of Information
• Clear Navigation
• Page Loading Speed
• Responsive and Mobile-friendly
• Clear Call to Action(CTA)
• Bullet Points
• Optimized and Appropriate Images
• Fix Errors
• Regular Audits

Website Design Should Be Customer Friendly-

Use well thought out color combinations, navigation and design that is clear, clean and visually appealing to customers yet easy to understand. Make good use of space using appropriate layout, design, font selections and color-scheming that suits the website design. Experts suggest keeping it white as it makes it look more user-friendly.

Optimize Page Loading Speed-

One of the closely monitored factors for a user of the web is the page load time of the site. Every customer wants the website to load as fast as possible. Google also rewards those with fastest load time as it has become a primary SEO factor over the last few years post the algorithm updates. So, if your website takes too much time to load, it’s time to do something to improve it.

Responsive and Mobile-friendly Pages-

With the growing number of mobile phone users across the globe, more than 48% of internet traffic is from mobile devices, it is now imperative that your site is mobile friendly and easy to use. It would not only improve the user experience but also fetch more mobile traffic resulting in the growth of your business and brand.

Use Clear Call to Action-

Be concise in sharing information. Users should be able to comprehend the steps and flow of the instructions. Use a proactive approach, streamline the process and remove possible distractions for an improved customer experience. Engagement from web visitors is one of the hallmarks of superior web design and is playing an increasingly important role in the User Experience quotient. Remember, UX has become a central focal point that search engines consider when ranking your site in the SERPs or Search Engine Results Pages.

Use Bullet Points-

Highlight important information in bullet points, it helps in finding information quickly. If there is any information that you want to highlight to users, then you might want to differentiate that content with bullet points or something that will make this information stand out.

Use Images Carefully-

The famous saying “A picture is worth thousand words” holds true in website too. People look at the images more than the content …so choose the images that complement your business and tell your story and elevate the quality and image of you brand. Use copyright free stock photos as key images can often be associated with your brand. Customers search images as well, so if there are info-graphics or unique images related to your business, they can be tagged and optimized for maximum search value.

Fix Errors-

Here are some common errors that appear on even the most established and well-designed websites;
• Error Message from the Web Server
401 error – “unauthorized” – often found on website that require authorization to access specific web pages
402 error – “forbidden” – similar to a 401 error but indicates a user may be correctly logged in with a valid user ID and password, but does not have access authorization
404 error – “not found” – The most common error that appears if a page no longer exists. These errors should be fixed by directing users to a new URL/web page location.
500 error – “internal server error” – this is a generic message that indicates that something has gone wrong with the website’s server.
It is very important to repair or remove any HTTP errors from the website. It annoys the users and search engines don’t like it either. Keep checking regularly for broken links.

Perform Regular Audits-

Perform regular audits of your site and look for any aberrations or errors. Fix the problems that affect the user experience. Look at the bounce rate, CTR, pages per users, session per user, repeat vs. new customers as these analytics help your get more insight about the user behavior and experience.

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