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Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) gives your business the opportunity to target individuals who are searching for the products or services that your business offers. Right now, people are searching online. Nearly 90% of them will use Google to find what they are looking for.

Right now, people are searching online. Over 90% of them are using Google

Appear on page one of targeted search results today!

Google Ads is the largest and most widely used PPC management & advertising platform on the internet today. Over 90% of internet searches begin with Google and their subsidiary companies. PPC advertising with Google Ads is one the most direct and cost-effective ways to reach individuals who are searching for information about the products or services your company offers. Our SEM or PPC (Pay per Click) management strategies include in-depth research, competitive analysis and focus on buying AdWords that resonate with the searcher’s intent. Our proven PPC strategies will absolutely increase your website traffic and visibility online almost immediately. And, we as the leading PPC management company in NJ, will serve you with our extensive strategy & professional expertise.

Google Ads – Search and Google Ads Display


PPC Text

We can use the Google Ads advertising platform across two main networks; Google Ads Search and Google Ads Display. The search network refers to pay-per-click(PPC) advertising. This program will feature your text ad on page one of the search engine results pages or SERPs, when an individual searches using keywords that are directly relevant to your business offering. You will only pay for these ads when someone clicks on the ad and is directed to your website.

Display Banner Ads

The Google Display Network reaches 90% of internet users and gives us the opportunity to place your ad on the best websites to promote your brand. In this way, your display ad and branded message will appear in front of qualified prospects as they are browsing the web, watching a video, shopping online or reading online. With our PPC plan, together we can designate which websites, videos, or applications will host your ad an place your message in a prominent location.

Remarketing for Maximum ROI

Have you ever visited a website and after you leave the site you continue to see banner or text ads from that company? This is possible with a technology called “remarketing”. Only 2% of web traffic is likely to take action on their first visit. So, from day one, we can build remarketing lists of all the online visitors that come to your website and continue to reach them after their first visit. This technique keeps your brand in front of individuals we know have already expressed interest in your products or services.

Retargeting can Work in Different Ways

Maybe you have been searching for a specific item and for a few weeks thereafter you see display ads for similar products or services. There are a number of ways we can track and deliver your branded message to individuals that are searching.

Search Retargeting – Serve ads to anyone who has been searching online using relevant keywords.

Website Retargeting – Remarket by delivering your branded message on other websites they visit.

Contextual Retargeting – Deliver your branded message to anyone who visits a competitor’s website.

The Search is On

Evans Alliance Search Marketing Plans 

Evans Alliance will work with your leadership team to forge an innovative and cost-effective strategy as we put together a PPC Search and Display ad plan to include: keyword research, keyword and ad campaign analysis and optimization, competitive analysis and competitor reverse engineering.

As a leading PPC management company with offices in NJ, IN and MO. We will invest the time and research to build highly targeted campaigns with strategic focus on keyword match strategies. We’ll review each website landing page and make recommendations for ad and site content improvement and more. Your customized search engine marketing plan will include a comprehensive approach to the discipline, with full consideration of best practices, your business objectives and the most efficient method of reaching your ideal target audience.

Our Top 10 Action Items to Ensure The Success of Your Customized Search Engine Marketing Plan:

1. Establish Account Purpose & Goals –

We will work with you to define exactly what we want to achieve using the power of search engine marketing or PPC Strategies.

2. Determine Audience –

Developing personas and profiles is essential. During this process we will establish what your ideal user is searching for, when they are searching, where they are searching and why.

3. Conduct Keyword Research –

By bidding on the correct keywords that are most relevant to your business, we can place ads on page 1 of the search results pages.

4. Set Budget & Bids –

Once we have determined which keywords to bid on, we can establish a recommended weekly or monthly dollar amount to spend.

5. Structure Campaigns –

We will build campaigns with distinct goals, tightly knit ad groups, distinct objectives, keywords, and relevant terms.

6. Create Compelling Ads –

We are experts in maximizing click-through rates by creating compelling ads, extensions, smart headlines and calls to action that evoke response.

7. Designing Great Landing Pages –

We will analyze your existing website and make recommendations to improve your keywords quality scores and conversions.

8. Conversion Tracking –

We place the requisite code on your website or landing pages to track conversions against set goals.

9. Remarketing –

Only 2% of web traffic is will take action on their first visit. From day one, we will build remarketing lists so we can continue to reach interested individuals.

10. Routine Optimization –

We test and re-test everything from ad copy to landing pages and keyword performance.

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Evans Alliance
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Evans Alliance
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