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The best SEO Strategy for your Business

We design an SEO strategy that’s carefully aligned with your business objectives and marketing goals. Your brand, target market, competitive landscape and growth opportunities are all part of the initial development of a plan and the ongoing SEO service by our team of search engine optimization experts.

Getting attention on the web takes persistence by professionals who truly understand digital marketing.

97% of consumers use search engines search for a local business online

Are you ranked on page one in the search results?

Every day, someone in your market is looking for the products or services your business, franchise or practice offers. They will search for you using relevant keywords. The businesses that have the most search engine ranking authority based on these searches, will be placed prominently on page one of the search engine results pages (SERPs). Our goal is to place you there by our SEO service….and today, it will take more than just keywords, links and content… we know how to leverage the value of PR, Social, Reviews and Paid Search in the best SEO plans we offer!

90% of B2B decision makers search for business services or products online

Business leaders and decision makers search online

It’s time to re-evaluate and think about SEO for B2B differently. You need a comprehensive approach to your digital footprint as a whole if you want to win. Your website content, information architecture, UX design, and technical attributes are more important than ever. But, the best SEO strategies for business today, now include placement, exposure and influence via social media, trade and industry engagement, and paid search engine marketing all working together to drive revenue. And, we as the leading SEO company in NJ will serve you with our extensive strategy & professional expertise.

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SEO plans for Franchises, Multiple Location Businesses, eCommerce, Local, B2B, B2C

The Search is On

If you’re not found …you’re lost

Whether you’re a small or multi-location business, a franchise, eCommerce company, professional organization or Fortune 500 enterprise, Evans Alliance is an experienced SEO company provides SEO services and has the infrastructure, and technology to measurably improve your online visibility, engagement, credibility and reputation. Every SEO plan is completely customized to meet your needs and objectives. We partner with you to elevate your visibility and increase your authority in search.

Evans Alliance SEO Plans for Business include:


Objectives & Strategy
Target Market Profile
Competitive Analysis
Keyword Research


Review & Analysis
UX Experience Plan
Technical Optimization
Keyword Mapping


Content Strategy
Telling Your Story
Landing Page Analysis
Image Optimization

What is SEO and How it Works

Search engine optimization is evolving all the time, but we know there are a few optimization ‘constants’ that must be considered as we build your SEO Strategy.

content + link building + UX + integration = authority

Content is absolutely essential for any successful website… and as the marketplace changes and evolves, so should your content. Our strategy includes creating, editing and organizing the website’s content by topic. We design and refine your content to match the ideal searcher’s intent. This helps search engines select your website as one of the top options to view based on the user’s intent when searching.  By optimizing a web page around the most important topics and content for your business, we one of the leading SEO companies in NJ can help your website rank well for those specific subjects.

Link building is another essential practice. Think of it this way; link building is the process of getting other websites, blogs, press releases and social media channels to refer your website. These referrals from one site to another are called backlinks or inbound links. Links are the way reputation and authority is acknowledged and passed on. The more established, recognized and powerful the website, the more valuable the referral. Search engines view websites with higher regard if the website has been referred and linked to by other reputable, well established sites with authority.

User Experience. It’s pretty simple. If we present the information on your website in an appealing, logical manner… and everything the user is looking for is easy to find… there is a great likelihood the user will spend time on the website and visit several pages. If the presentation of that information is stellar and really on point, there is a greater likelihood the user will take action. This is most often measured by a request for more information, completing a web form, sending an email, viewing a video, following links to your other web pages, or your other off-site digital assets, maybe your LinkedIn account or similar. The more fulfilling and complete as User’s Experience is, the more search engines will reward the website with referrals and traffic.

Integration. Successful business leaders understand the value of multiple touchpoints. Social media, trade media, directory listings, social bookmarking, social sharing, business listings, and articles & blogs are just a few points of integration. Then, adding other paid initiatives like, digital advertising, search engine marketing, STEM™ Strategic Targeted Email Marketing program and other traditional advertising, will amplify results. Winning brands also benefit from exposure and influence from referrals, testimonials, reviews, public appearances, trade-shows, press releases, media coverage and a host of complementary and well orchestrated marketing plans, to ensure they are consistently building their credibility, reputation and authority in the marketplace.

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Evans Alliance
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Evans Alliance
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