Your brand is defined as the collective elements that make your product or service a unique entity. It includes both tangible elements such as your logo and packaging, and intangible elements such as your brand’s promises and perceptions.

As a business owner, you want your brand to be engaging, desirable, consistent, familiar, and easily recognized by your customers. Customers will never confuse a strong brand with the competition’s brand.

The goal of online marketing is not only to sell your product or service, but to promote awareness of, and loyalty to, your brand. Effective marketing will keep your brand foremost in your prospects’ minds. Eventually, they’ll need your product or service—and when they do, you want them to think of you first.

 Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your brand today.

What Is Video Marketing

Video marketing is simply the use of video content to promote your brand, service, or ideas to others.

You can incorporate video marketing on different platforms such as websites or social media pages, including YouTube or Facebook.

Creating great videos for marketing is somewhat involved. However, videos, website content, and blogs should not be avoided or ignored in marketing, as each of them has its own place.

Video has transformed the way businesses market themselves. Companies can better connect with customers and prospects in a more relatable and meaningful way. Videos are unusually effective in creating brand awareness because they are engaging and easy to remember.

Video Content and SEO

Effective search engine optimization means that more prospects will see your online content. And videos have a marked positive effect on SEO ranking because search engines may prioritize web pages with videos.

The reasons search engines reward web pages with videos are:

  • Average Time on Page – Online visitors tend to spend more time on pages that include videos
  • Enhanced visitor experience – Search engines believe videos enhance the visitor’s experience

The Explosion of Video Marketing

A woman watching a video on her tablet device

Video marketing is without a doubt an increasingly effective way for businesses and services to promote their brands.

The growing popularity of smartphones and other internet-connected devices encouraged video marketing as consumers simply found it easier and more convenient to watch videos.

HubSpot says, “More than nine out of 10 people report wanting to see more videos from brands in 2023.”

Businesses confirm that video marketing has proven to be effective in lead generation and converting customers.

Video Marketing Tips

Video marketing can use either simple or elaborately produced videos. While businesses usually find it best to hire a specialist in video marketing, many new entrepreneurs simply create videos using their own smartphones!

A man recording another man with his video camera

However, effective video marketing requires an excellent strategy, precise editing, and much more.

Here are some video marketing tips to help business owners on their video marketing journey!

Have a marketing strategy.

  • First determine the purpose of the video, including what you want the viewer to do after watching the video
  • Pinpoint your target audience
  • Know the marketing platforms you will use  
  • Determine a true budget and set a timeline
  • Decide on a production method
  • Establish the metrics you will use to measure success

Consider the stage of marketing you have reached with your brand.

Prospects can be at different levels of information gathering and decision making.

Cold—The viewer is not yet aware they have an unfulfilled need. Your video should attract new prospects and introduce your brand.

Warm—Your viewer is aware of the need for a product/service like yours and they’re starting to look for a reliable solution. Demonstrate the benefits of your brand and strengthen brand awareness; introduce ways to stay connected.

Hot—Your prospect is about to make a decision. You want to establish trust, show why your brand is the best solution through information, demonstration, or even comparison; a call to action is more important than ever.

You may benefit from three different videos aimed at these different prospects.

Some additional tips to consider:

  • Consumers want authentic, sincere videos
  • It’s impossible to overestimate the importance of pinpointing your target audience before creating your video
  • Good planning and project management saves money
  • Research the different platforms as they relate to your audience
  • A carefully scripted video is more likely to connect with your target audience and requires less editing
  • Present content that is conversational, free of business jargon, and concise
  • Include a statement about the video’s intended purpose at the start of the video to hold on to your target audience
  • Music can help set the video’s tone and mood, hold attention, and make the video more professional
  • Include a call to action in the video

Video Marketing Ideas

Are you sold on the use of video marketing but are short on ideas? Here are several concepts to inspire you and get you on the road to gaining more customers.

Three people standing together looking at their electronic devices

  • Create a personalized introduction video to establish a bond and build trust with your customer—include your mission statement, demonstrate/describe your product/service, and convey genuine enthusiasm for your brand.
  • Take your prospects behind the scenes to build connections to your business and products.
  • Create a video that highlights several customer’s experiences as they relate to your product or service.
  • Show before and after comparisons of your product’s use to create enthusiasm among your viewers.
  • Create an easy-to-follow how-to video that demonstrates the use and benefits of your product.
  • Start a vlog (video blog).

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