With millions of users worldwide, Instagram provides an excellent option for marketing. However, simply creating an account and posting advertisements is not enough. If you’re looking for ideas on how you can leverage this platform while growing your account, use these tips to up your game with  Instagram for your business.

Social media analysts predict that Instagram will add 26.9 million users by 2020, in the United States alone. This figure is far more than any other social media platform like Facebook, or Twitter tracked. Instagram has also started attracting a higher adoption among the young adults, including increased revenues being generated from mobile ads.

Showcase Your Business in Instagram

Post images of what is happening at your business regularly to allow your followers to learn more about your work, company culture and brand. Include images of your office, store or work completed out in the field so that people can understand what your company provides and who the people are that work there. Giving followers an inside look of your business will create a sense of connection and make them a part of the experience.


This feature is perfect for marketing. You can show an inside look at your company through pictures and videos. Highlight key employees and products or give followers a tour of the facility. The more they know the company and the people behind the products and services they love, the more they will want to become or remain loyal customers.

Instagram Live

Are you releasing a new product? Give followers a sneak peek before the product hits the shelves. They will feel like an insider, knowing details before everyone else. Make sure you have an engaging and energetic employee behind the camera for the live feeds.


Engage with your followers! When they comment on posts, they want to know your company hears them. Have a team devoted to interacting with customers through social media. If someone raises an issue, make sure your social media expert has procedures in place to remedy the issue. Do not forget to show appreciation for praise. Customers want to feel valued and important, and interacting with them through Instagram helps that happen.


Use @ mentions to connect with other companies, your followers and people of influence to boost your account. Use this option to get noticed more by other people and communities while expanding your reach. Keep in mind that your mentions should highlight people or business that align with your company’s brand and the products or services you have to offer.

Bold and Strong Posts

When creating posts, keep colors bold and messages strong. Your posts should be clear, concise and on target with your brand. Bold colors will help to catch user’s eyes as they scroll through their feed; Make your post stand out.

Location Stickers

Location stickers make it possible to gain local exposure. It is a new feature that has made it possible for Instagram users to check what is happening in their localities quickly. Many users are often searching for inspiration or ideas on events, travel destinations, restaurants, home improvement, medical care, and hotels which can all be found easily by utilizing a location and their search phrases.


It is always tempting to pepper the image descriptions using some of the popular hashtags that revolve around simple words like #dog or #summer. These are hashtags that are very popular and hence tend to have millions of posts at any time. But their popularity does not mean that they will do anything meaningful for the growth of your account. You need to use hashtags that are community-oriented. Use hashtags that are specific in nature, and this will help in building your brand.

Try these tips and watch your Instagram game improve. For any additional advertising and marketing needs, Evans Alliance is here to help.