Every business wants one thing: to attract a multitude of users and prospects to their brand. This is accomplished through effective marketing and by using the most up-to-date techniques. Nowadays, a simple website and Facebook page just doesn’t cut it. To stay in the game, websites need a solid presence to maintain their customer base and attract new users as often as possible. Prudent companies look to video as a marketing strategy to extend the reach of their brand. This list explains just a few of the countless reasons why video is such a powerful tool if you want your business to excel.

Effective Marketing

Videos aren’t solely for replacing written content. They also serve as an accessible form of advertising for your brand. Posting video on your website and YouTube makes sure millions of people have access to your business, and they can share it to millions of others on social media.

Increased Reputation

Demonstrations of technological skill impresses users. When a potential customer visits a company’s website, their first impression should be one of appreciation for the time and effort that went into designing said site. Video is an easy-to-customize medium, and even a small company can create video that effectively markets their business and attracts new audiences.

User Experience

Readers want an enjoyable user experience when interacting with a website, which includes having easy access to the content. Video efficiently accomplishes this goal by condensing the pertinent information into a one-click, easily accessible format. However, easy access should never take priority over quality of content. Readers will turn to different businesses if the content you put out, either video or text, is low quality or doesn’t add to user experience.


Search Engine Optimization isn’t just the hottest buzzword, it’s an extremely important method for attracting new business, especially when most customers are using the internet to find what they need. Search engines and social platforms recognize that consumers enjoy video. Therefore, properly optimized videos ensure that your content appears at the top of the page in search engine results, gaining your website more clicks, and more attention.

Go Mobile

When prospective customers research businesses on tablets and cellphones, the last thing they want to do is have to scroll through miles of text. Video compresses everything they need to know into one spot on your site which creates a one-click experience that will keep customers engaged.

Supplemental Material

People tend to post videos because they think that their users don’t want to read an entire website. This is a common misunderstanding, especially in the marketing world.
Chances are, your users expect to read when they research a company, and breaking that expectation can be jarring for your audience. Video acts as a supplement to text, and if done right, can add an extra dimension to your content that simple text can’t.
Video is a powerful tool, and users will flock to businesses who know how to use it. Creating a dynamic plan for your video content can be difficult but with a well thought-out plan it can boost the amount of people coming to your website and their engagement with your brand.
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