Evans Alliance is excited to have our latest client, Golf Cart Factory of Brunswick, GA, on board. Golf Cart Factory of Brunswick, GA, is the authorized dealer for Royal EV personal electric vehicles. Royal EV designs, engineers, and assembles all their personal electric EVs in Georgia, USA.

All Golf Cart Factory carts are authorized low speed vehicles (LSV) under federal law in all 50 states. They can legally be driven on any road with a speed limit not exceeding 35 mph.

Evans Alliance has been appointed the Agency of Record and is responsible for Golf Cart Factory’s comprehensive marketing plan which includes targeted digital programmatic advertising, social media marketing, STEM™ Strategic Targeted Email Marketing, broadcast advertising on radio and cable TV, print advertising, and Google Ads.

Royal EV Golf Carts Are Built for the Road

Golf Cart Factory Owner, Erik Sims, alongside a Royal EV outside the showroom

Golf Cart Factory’s owner, Erik Sims, appreciates the advantages of the Royal EV golf carts. While older carts only have mechanical brakes and no suspension, the Royal EV carts have full front-end and rear-end suspension and hydraulic disc brakes for superior stopping power. Sims says that designers and engineers purposely built the Royal EV brand for the road—not just for the golf course. And while traditional golf carts travel at speeds up to 19 mph, the Royal EV LSVs are designed to travel at 30-35 mph.

Royal EV Golf Carts Are Easy to Recharge

Owners don’t have to recharge the Royal EVs until they have traveled 40-45 miles. And when it’s time to recharge, “All you do is plug it in,” Sim explains. “It doesn’t need to be completely depleted before it’s recharged; you can top it off and have 100 percent power all the time.”

When Royal EV batteries are properly maintained, they last five years or more and come with 18-month guarantees from the purchase date.

Royal EV LSVs Are the Future

Erik Sims looks ahead to the future and believes LSVs will become much more commonplace. Some suburban communities in Florida, North Carolina, and California have already become golf cart friendly, and the trend is only growing. LSVs already have most safety features of regular cars, and since they’re electric, they run quietly and don’t pollute.

 Sims states, “We may not have flying cars like many of us dreamed while watching The Jetsons, but these electric carts are definitely the next step in our mobile society”.

A Quick Look at Royal EV Electric Vehicles

Golf carts lined up in the Golf Cart Factory showroom

The Golf Cart Factory of Brunswick, GA offers the Royal EV Crown, Royal EV Ambassador, and Royal EV Monarch LSVs.

The Royal EV Crown electric vehicle, available in 4-seater or 6-seater models, has a powerful 6.3 KW motor and a 72 volt lithium maintenance free battery. It features a digital dashboard with mph, distance and speed indicators and a battery charge meter. The manufacturer equipped both versions with 4-wheel hydraulic brakes, fog lights, high-low beams, magnetic parking brakes and strobing blinkers.

The Royal EV Ambassador electric vehicle features a powerful 5.0 KW motor and a 100 Amp lithium maintenance free battery. Also available in 4-seater or 6-seater versions, it has a built-in cooler and optional Bluetooth stereo system, 4-wheel hydraulic brakes, magnetic parking brakes, fog lights, side mirrors, high-low beams, strobing blinkers, Gussi steering wheel, and a rear backup camera.

The Royal EV Monarch electric vehicle enjoys a powerful 5.0 KW motor and 48 Volt long-lasting lithium battery. Both 4-seater and 6-seater versions have foldable back seats, a built-in cooler, and all the essential features needed to travel safely on the roads.

Golf Cart Factory of Brunswick, GA, offers both new and pre-owned golf carts.

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Golf Cart Factory of Brunswick, GA Welcomes You

Visit Golf Cart Factory at 1211 Gloucester St., in Brunswick, GA 31520

Hours are: Tuesday thru Friday—9 am to 5 pm

                    Saturday—9 am – 1 pm


                    Monday—by appointment only

To Contact Golf Cart Factory of Brunswick GA

470-929-3023 or Email