Successful email marketing campaigns are one of the best ways to generate leads and convert those leads into business. With more than 34% of the population (2.5 billion people) using email both in the US and around the world, it’s the best way to consistently reach the largest audience.

Email marketing campaigns are a great way to connect to your customers and prospects, while delivering regular, targeted messages that speak directly to their needs and desires. Of course, not all successful email campaigns are the same. There are a range of different types of email campaigns that can be used for specific use-case scenarios.

Types of Email Campaigns

The types of email campaigns are designed to fulfill strategic objectives as part of a company’s marketing plan and sales funnel. Email campaigns are perfect ways to connect with your customers and prospects. When you listen to their responses, you’ll learn more about their needs, desires, and how you can better serve them.

Drip Campaigns

Drip email marketing campaigns are designed to “send” based on predetermined triggers. A drip campaign email might send a personalized email when the person fills out a contact form for a special offer from your site.


A newsletter is one of the most popular types of email marketing campaigns. The email newsletter often focuses on a single topic, but one company might offer several different topic-based newsletters.


An invitation email is designed to let your customers and prospects know about special online or IRL marketing events and activities. It’s a great way to inspire and raise awareness about your products and services. These invites offer your audience an easy way to learn more about what you can do for them.

Thank You

A thank you email is a great way to show your appreciation o your clients and prospects, while offering opportunities for connection and making additional purchases. The connection is important because it’s a great way to generate referrals (with a 70% higher conversion rate) when your happy customers share their experiences via social media and online review portals.

Cart Abandonment

When one of your customers or prospects puts products into their online cart, it’s important to understand why they might have chosen to abandon the purchase process. Was it too complicated? Was the final cost more than they expected? Were they just kicking tires?

Product Announcement

An announcement email features details related to a new-product launch or information about new services or features. An announcement does not happen every day. It’s important to focus on a unique look-and-feel for these campaigns to really spark the interest of customers and prospects.

Top Email Marketing Tools In 2021

Email marketing Campaign Tips 2021

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach the 2.5 billion people worldwide. But the process is faster and more effective if you use one of the many email marketing tools currently available. (New solutions are launching on a regular basis.)

While most of the tools have similar features and functionality, many companies select their favorite based on cost, ease-of-use, automated features, etc. Here are a few of the most popular email campaign creation tools, with a brief overview of each solution.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is a popular, easy-to-use mail tool for email marketing campaigns. With a drag-and-drop email builder, and A/B testing, Campaign Monitor supports unlimited lists, hundreds of integration options, and two membership levels. It features award-winning customer support, with a 99% rate for customer satisfaction.


Mail Chimp  Logo  - Email Marketing Campaign Tips 2021

MailChimp has been around since 2001. It’s a large and popular email service provider (with 17 million avid fans and users), because it’s familiar and easy to use (with a drag-and-drop email builder), with more than 300 integrations. MailChimp offers a free option, as well as three other levels of membership plans. MailChimp is the perfect solution for small businesses or companies that are just starting out.

Constant Contact

Beyond the hundreds of design features and templates, Constant Contact is an all-in-one email marketing tool with easy SYSIWYG import and implementation. The interface supports quick add-in for images, surveys, documents, and much more. Constant Contact offers two membership-plan options.


Aweber is a more of a next-level email marketing tool, which is to say that it supports more than 150 templates, with a level of automation and business functionality that’s difficult to match. It integrates with many of the standard shopping cart frameworks. The cost of Aweber goes up based on the number of subscribers.


“InfusionSoft” is sometimes compared with “Aweber” as on-par with the automation and business functions for an email marketing tool. Beyond a simple tool, InfusionSoft is a customer relationship management system (CRM). The pricing goes up based on the number of subscribers. Some of its most sought-after features include customer service functionality and sales tools.

Email Marketing Challenges In 2021

Selecting a Goal

One of the first challenges of an email campaign is setting a specific goal. By deciding your objectives before launching the campaign, you can design mail content with clear direction, and formulate outreach plans more effectively.

Maintaining Bounce Rates

The bounce rate increases when you send a large number of emails to the incorrect or unverified email address. The challenge is to keep bounce rates as low as possible and avoid the spammer tag. Keeping the mailing list updated using verification tools is crucial.

Failure to Monitor Data

Data is the oil that keeps your campaigns running. Ignoring it means wasting efforts. There is a plethora of data, and the main challenge is to analyze the data related to your goals. Monitoring the relevant performance index helps you adjust and optimize your campaign.

Consumer Specific Content

There is no “One Size Fits All” in email marketing. You cannot send the same mail to all and expect results. Studies have shown that personalized emails convert better. The challenge is to analyze consumer behavior, group them, and create custom emails that will appeal to them.

For example- A clothing apparel brand should market their winter clothes collection to those who live in colder places, while offering beach gear to followers who live in warmer climates.

How We Can Help You Implement a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

We focus on the marketing strategies that will work best for your business needs. We’ve found that email marketing is one of the most important components of most marketing plans. It’s not the only solution we’ll recommend, But, it is one of the most effective approaches to generating leads and converting your leads to customers.

Full-Service Email Campaign Management:

We do more than just send email campaigns. We help you grow your business with our efforts. We offer a variety of email campaign services to grow your email list and increase conversion rate. Some of our hottest email marketing campaigns & tips are:

Advertising Campaigns

For the fastest growth of the email list, advertise your lead magnets on social media or search engines. With advertising campaigns, we drive direct traffic and increase opt-ins.

Email Newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to engage with your subscribers. We design email newsletters that focus on higher email delivery rates, open rates, click-through-rates, and conversions.

Lead Magnets

We create strategies to increase your email list by developing lead magnet campaigns. We work with you to plan email campaigns with valuable content such as free guides, checklists, quizzes, eBooks, etc.

ROI Based Campaigns

Spending your entire marketing budget without email marketing is like buying a car without gas. Our email marketing services are designed to fit any small business owner’s budget. This allows you to get fruitful ROI in with lower investment. With our years of experience, we drive higher results under budget.

Email Campaign Audit

Only with regular email campaign audits can you calculate the success of your campaign. It gives insight and direction to optimize and improve your program. Our experts do full program reviews by deeply reviewing data, email design templates, and cookies for the success of all campaigns.

Email List Maintenance

List maintenance is essential to remove inactive subscribers from your email list. Deliverability of emails is highly impacted if you try to send messages to email addresses that no longer exist, or subscribers are not engaging with your emails. If you have a high percentage of inactive or bad email addresses in your list, the entire email deployment will be perceived as Spam. It will not be delivered or it will end up in spam folders. We routinely perform email list maintenance to ensure that you have an active email list.

Email Automation

We automate your campaigns to engage with your customers, increase the relevancy of your emails based on collected data, and ensure campaign success. Our email experts help you build automated email marketing campaigns that build and maintain a long-lasting, profitable relationship with customers.

We’ll help you track your results, and you’ll quickly see for yourself how successful these tips for your email marketing campaigns in 2021 can be for your business. Remember, Evans Alliance is here to help you implement successful email campaigns as part of your 360-Degree Marketing Strategy.

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