Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what determines where your website will pop up when a certain term related to the content on your web page is typed into a search engine. The higher up on the list your website appears the more traffic you are going to generate. While using certain terms and collections of words can help you get higher up on the list, it’s the content of the site once the reader gets there that is going to keep them there. If the content is not interesting you will lose the reader and they will go look for other search results.
Having said that, there are some ways you can ensure that the content on your website is quality information that will keep the readers reading. Some ways to ensure that content is top quality include the following:

Choose a Singular Topic

Make the website you are running about one thing so that the SEO optimization of the site is much less confusing for search engines to decipher than if the site were about multiple things.

Mention Key Words Strategically

Mention the key words but only do it where the key words have the maximum impact and matter most.

Link to Other Pages Within Your Website

Link information to other internal articles on your site to keep readers browsing longer and looking at many pages on your site as possible.
However, do not use too many links as constant popups and linking can be very annoying to the reader and may make them look for a different source to read.

Remove Advertisements

Remove the advertisements and popups that slow down the website. In our instant age of digitalization, all the SEO in the world will not help if the page is slow to load.
Readers don’t have time to waste and will go look for other sources of information.

Update Your Website Regularly

Ensure you are posting or updating information 3-4 times per week or readers will stop checking for new updates.
If there is nothing new there, faithful readers will have no reason to come visit the site on a regular basis.
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