Evans Alliance rises above the fray of trendy search engine placement schemes to develop and focus on cutting-edge technologies that work repeatedly and consistently. Every search engine optimization (SEO) strategy begins with the basics: search engine friendly site design and architecture, and the fundamentals of keyword research and content development. We’ll help you take your SEO strategy to the next level by implementing best practices and staying on top of emerging optimization tactics. We always utilize Organic Search Engine Optimization strategies and couple these strengths with paid Search Engine Marketing as required to meet our client’s objectives.

In today’s fiercely competitive market, you need a company who pays the utmost attention to the fundamental framework of search engine dynamics in order to attain and remain in the top positions. Search engine optimization is a constant, active, complicated practice; relevance requirements are dynamic and evolving every day. Evans Alliance rises above the fray of trendy search engine placement schemes to develop and focus on cutting-edge technologies that work repeatedly and consistently.

Search Engine Marketing

OK..so remember this discipline is primarily designed to increase the visibility of your business when individuals are searching for a given product or service or information about a specific topic that is closely related to your offerings. In this context, we define Search Engine Marketing as all initiatives that require payment to a Search Engine such as, Google, Yahoo or Bing where your business listing appears typically at the top of a search engine results page (SERP). This positions your business “impression” at the top of the list of search engine results with the expectation that individuals will click on your listing to find more information about your business.

The convention of “cost-per-click” is the most typical protocol establishing the “cost” of this type of outreach method…and most cost per click programs are based on the concept of “auctioning” the premium listing positions to the highest bidder. Most pay-per-click subscribers are startled at how fast their daily, weekly or monthly budget can be exhausted…often in a fraction of the timeframe they had originally anticipated. This is because the “bid” on your predetermined keywords or “adwords” is going up and up every time one of your competitors is interested in the same position in the SERPS as you are.

Managing the adwords process is relatively simple…but it requires constant attention, insightful planning and precise execution to maximize the utilization of this portion of your advertising/marketing budget. We charge a very modest monthly fee to oversee and manage your adwords accounts.

Social Media

The Secret to Every Successful Business is Engagement . If you don’t engage your customers… ….your competition will!

Evans Alliance leverages emerging technologies to improve user engagement, optimize conversion, and continually enhance the customer experience. Many clients begin the “social media journey” by getting on board the “facebook train” …just because they “know they have to”…without really understanding how social media actually works…or what it can do for their business.

We start at the top. At Evans Alliance the first consideration is aligning your business goals and objectives with the power and capacities of social media. This eliminates an enormous amount of unnecessary trial and error…(although some is essential) and it places you months…even years ahead. We understand the need…the purpose… and the disciplines required to succeed with your social media objectives. So you can flail around with no fundamental goal in sight and no road map…. Or you can contact Evans Alliance for help.Contact us now.


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